Natural Culture is

Natural Culture is a name that sums up
a newawareness, and expresses
our longstanding identity.

The expression of the environmental, technical, aesthetic
and cultural values of wood and natural materials.
An idea transformed into beauty, warmth and wellbeing through
a real and profound knowledge of wood, and an authentic love of nature.

With direct control over all the production phases we can express
our expertise on our materials and techniques, particularly in the
formation of curves in high-thickness solid wood, with results in which we
take great pride, and that give our products worldwide distinction.
Our know-how is the fruit of decades of experiments, experiences
and challenges, and it results in unique products.

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Solid wood from FSC®-certified sustainable plantations, finished using natural
oils free of harmful substances, water-based adhesives, dyes derived from wine, pomace and
natural pigments using a patented method and fabrics in pure wool, produced without
any chemical processing, to offer naturally antistatic, breathable and hard-wearing
performance. We can safely say that we make our products using the best that nature offers,
and indeed, we only select the finest suppliers and producers in Europe.

From raw wood to the finished product.

Oil finish, applied by hand.

The quality of our products is core to their value. There can be no sustainability without
durability. Hence, to safeguard the quality of our products, we have researched and
developed packaging that will protect the integrity of the products, while seeking to
completely eliminate the use of any type of plastic. All cardboard used is FSC®-certified,
and all other elements are made of vegetable matter (potato cellulose) which can be
easily recycled by composting. The cardboard boxes can be transformed into a wonderful
game for children. A house, a castle, a boat, a spaceship… let them give their creativity free rein!
Even a cardboard box can become a highly-valued object.

Natural Stains

Natural wine stains and natural pigments:
an exclusive process.

Natural Culture is Passoni Design’s philosophy for transforming wood into completely sustainable items of furniture – and that includes the finishes.
This is why the company has partnered with PelleVino Treatment® to develop an absolutely unique wood-staining method, harnessing the inherent properties of wine and pomace.

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About us

Our story began over 70 years ago, in a small town in Friuli, Italy, with a big tradition for wood and chairs. Here, in 1948, the first Passoni workshop was established, and the company was then handed down from father to son: from Luigi to Ermanno, Alvise and then Tommaso. In 1963 we took part in the Salone del Mobile in Milan for the first time, the beginning of our personal journey into the design world: and our path has always remained faithful to wood and natural materials.


Our collections of seating, tables and accessories fit beautifully into the widest range of interior design projects around the world, meeting demands for practicality, ergonomics and durability typical of the contract sector. With our experience, capacity for dialogue and versatile production, we can offer personalised solutions, made-to-measure pieces, special processes and custom products, using all-natural materials and finishes.