atelier oï

Founded in 1991 by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, atelier oï is a trio built on shared values and ideals,

with projects ranging from architecture and interior design to product design, but always with the same holistic, transdisciplinary vision.

Products by atelier oï:

Genea Chair

Genea Armchair

Genea Lazy

Genea Lazy Back Pillow

Genea Lowstool

Genea Highstool

Genea Barstool

Genea Coffee Table Wooden Top

Genea Coffee Table Glass Top

Cetonia – L

Cetonia – TI

Cetonia Highstool – L

Cetonia Highstool – TI

Cetonia Lowstool – L

Cetonia Lowstool – TI

Cetonia Table

Cetonia High Table

Baci Armchair

Our Story

“A ‘poethical’ vision of creativity that brings people into contact with the elements, nature, materials and emotions.”

atelier oï

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Passoni Design References

ADI Design Index Selection


In addition to being selected as one of the best design products of 2019, Genea Armchair received the special award for innovation from ADI – the Italian industrial design association.