Genea Armchair

design by atelier oï

Delphi B Light Armchair

Ulisse Armchair

design by Davide Cumini

Baci Armchair

design by atelier oï

Delphi B Light Armchair Stackable

Decanter Armchair

design by DINN!

Moraar Armchair

design by Davide Cumini

Delphi B Armchair

Moraar Armchair – C

design by Davide Cumini





Extras and Coffee Tables

Natural Culture

Natural Culture is a name that sums up a new awareness, and expresses our longstanding identity. The expression of the environmental, technical, aesthetic and cultural values of wood and other natural materials. An idea transformed into beauty, warmth and well-being through a real and profound knowledge of wood, and an authentic love of nature.


Our collections of seating, tables and accessories fit beautifully into the widest range of interior design projects around the world, meeting demands for practicality, ergonomics and durability typical of the contract sector. With our experience, capacity for dialogue and versatile production, we can offer personalised solutions, made-to-measure pieces, special processes and custom products, using all-natural materials and finishes.