The Decanter Collection: the perfect match between wine and wood.

The decanter is a tool that permits especially old wines to breathe, and thus develop the best-scented bouquet. In the same way, the Decanter Collection manages, through the use of wine, to extract some composite characteristics from the wood, obtaining new and very interesting colour finishes. The product of a careful alchemic process, Decanter combines artisan tradition and experience with a centuries-old culture of wine.

Within the Decanter Collection are mixed those elements that have acquired an important value of quality over time: the drying of the wood, ripening, the wine vintage, ageing. Wood and wine find their point of union in a process that requires the right amount of time to obtain unique and important characteristics. Wine that ages in wood, wood that is transformed through wine: a harmonious and rigorous design that permits this meeting.

Its innovative staining technique was developed in collaboration with PelleVino Treatment®.

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